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using of paging.banner.some_items_found

Hi everyone,
I'm new in using DisplayTag and I'm trying to modify an inherited code.

In this code there is a bug that I have to solve and it is:
a SQL select is displayed in a JSP page. If the rows number is more than 100, the result has to be displayed in more pages.
paging.banner.some_items_found is used to display, for example, 566 items found, displayed from 1 to 100.

In, paging.banner.some_items_found is <div class="toolbar" id="displayNavigator">{0} {1} found, displayed from {2} to {3}, but id doesn't work. I explain better.
What it happens is in the page 1 see displayed from 1 to 100, but also in page 2 I see displayed from 1 to 100, instead I have to see displayed from 101 to 200.
What I don't understand is how {2} and {3} are calculated, probably they are calculated in a wrong way, but I have to understand how and where this calculation is.
Besides, I don't know how paging.banner.some_items_found is used in the code and when it is used.

Can anyone help me please?
If you need, I could post a part of the code.

Thanks very much, Mauro