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By: msi_

Hello and sorry for my english. I use displaytags libraries to show datas in
a jsp page with Struts. I?d like a column where the user may edit/delete.

<display:table name="sessionScope.tablatemporadas">   <display:column
property="temporada"/>   <display:column property="year""/>   <display:column
title="Edit" href="/modificatemporada.jsp" paramId="id"

If i coded this, modificatemporada.jsp recover the parameter right but... ?How
can i send more parameters?

I?d like use action instead of href="...." and i have seen <display:column haven?t
action attribute. ?How can i use <html:link action="..." with some parameters
of display:column?

<display:table name="sessionScope.tablatemporadas">   <display:column
property="temporada"/>   <display:column property="year""/>   <display:column
title="Edit">        <html:link action="editGo.do"

Any help will be grateful.

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