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By: mygundoos

I require to display a column with links , but when I export the table to a
csv file,
I would like to export only the values and not the links. From suggestions in
the example and a couple of messages in the forum
I have included two columns
1. for html media="html" and
2. for csv files media="csv"

        <display:column media="html" titleKey="label.invoiceid" sortable="true" >
                <bean:define id="link" name="list" property="_pdfLink" toScope="request"/>
                <a href='<%= servletLink%><bean:write name="list" property="_linkKey" />'
                         <bean:write name="list" property="_invoiceId" />

        <display:column media="csv" titleKey="label.invoiceid" property="_invoiceId"

The outcome is the column with media="html" is displayed and also exported to
a csv and the second column with media="csv" is not exported.

In my export, I am retriving the attribute "tablemodel" from the session, and
if I try to print the no of columns in the model the column with media="csv"
is not being considered and "html" column is only being recognised (media="all"
also works exactly like "html" ).

I would like to know if there are any additional steps or extensions required
to the display tag to use/enable this feature.
I have been trying to look into the source of "TableTag.java" and other classes
to find a clue on this.

Please give me your suggestions. I've been lost in here at this point and should
close this issue at the earliest.
Thank You

Note: I am using the tag library in a Struts Portlet in IBM Websphere Portal

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