click link in <display:column> doesnt work

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click link in <display:column> doesnt work

hi guys

I am trying to make a form submit within my <display:column> in the <display:table> like this

        <display:table pagesize="10" property="summaryList" name="resultObject"  id="sumaryList" border="1"
        requestURI="main-flow.flow?_flowExecutionKey=${flowExecutionKey}&_eventId=select"  >
<display:column title="Product Id" property="id" href="main-flow.flow?_flowExecutionKey=${flowExecutionKey}
&_eventId=select&id=<c:out value="${}"/>" title="Product Id" >
        <display:column property="manuYear" title="Manufacturing Year"  style="text-align:left" />                 

In the product Id column when user clicks on the link, i want to submit the form and pass the id to the backend.

but the code doesnt work
any idea what i am doing wrong?