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WYSIWYG export issue

Hi All,
 Any help is greatly appreciated.

 I have read from various sources that DisplayTag supports the WYSIWYG exports such that the contents shown in the display table should exactly be represented in the excel export.

But if I have leading zeros in a display column eg., 00001, it's being shown as 1 in the exported excel sheet, since excel is treating it as number type.
Also, I am using the following setting
export.excel.class=org.displaytag.export.excel.DefaultHssfExportView to force it to use the WYSIWYG.

I am using struts 1.2, displaytag-1.2.jar,displaytag-export-poi-1.2.jar

How can i instruct displaytag to preserve the leading zeros in the exported excel file? Please advice.

PS: The WYSIWYG feature seems to have been implemented into displaytag a while ago. Please follow the link.