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Radio button value capture

Hi, i'm trying Displaytag and need to get the value of a radio button.

Environment: XP, Eclipse, Tomcat, Dynamic Aplication, DB2, no Structs, no Hybernate, just JSP, Java, Displaytag.

My code is:

<display:table  id   ="lista"     name="lista"        class="AtalhoVO" id="list">
<display:column title="Id"        property="idAtalho" value="idAtalho"/>
<display:column title="Categoria" property="descricaoCategoria" />
<display:column title="Atalho"    property="nomeAtalho" />
<display:column title="Descrição" property="descricaoAtalho" />
<display:column title="Selecione">
    <input type="radio" name="radio"  value="${lista} onClick="getRadioValue()" />

The table is rendered ok, but can't get the radio's value.

With value="${lista} i have got the content of an array object. When i try value="${lista. radio}, got error :
java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "radio"

I'd search a lot in the internet, no success.

Thanks for your help

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