How to avoid parameter repetition in pagination links?

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How to avoid parameter repetition in pagination links?

Oscar Calderón-2
Hi to all, i have a doubt about displaytag pagination. I'm working in a project using struts 1.1 with displaytag. Everyting's fine, but i have a little problem. For example, i am in a update form, so when i press the button of Submit, i submit a form with a field named "accion" that defines the application's action that i want to call.

It works fine and after updating, generate the list that feeds display:table and returns me to jsp that contains displaytag. But the problem is, if after that i go to page 2 of display:table, the link is the next:


As you see the two last parameter, first of both is "accion" that defines the application action that i want to call, but i don't want that parameter in the URL, i want the last parameter "accion=goToForLst". So when i press the pagination number link, it calls again the update action and i don't want that.

It looks like accumulates parameteres and i don't want that.

This is my display:table code:

<display:table name="lstForm" id="formulas" pagesize="1"
                       requestURI="" htmlId="displayTable" >
            <display:column property="idfor" title="ID"  />
            <display:column property="nombre" title="Nombre"  />
            <display:column property="descripcion" title="Descripcion"  />
            <display:column property="nombreProcedimiento" title="Procedimiento"  />
            <display:column property="accion" title="Accion"  />

Is there a way to achieve this?


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