How is external paging meant to work?

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How is external paging meant to work?

Hi folks,

I need to resort from full lists to external paging because displaytag requires to much time and memory to process the entire list.
I have taken a look at the tutorial for external paging and sorting and opted for point 2 [1], passing information to the display:table tag.

Now, as far as I understand external paging means that displaytag instructs me to obtain page X from my datasource and return only that page slice. Not the entire result list. If yes:

- why does not displaytag pass the pagesize attribute dynamically to me?
- why was DISPL-497 [2] implemented which retrieves the sub list automtically, if I supply partialList="true".

This makes the whole partial list issue obsolute if that code requires the full list but processes only that specific part. I cannot spare the full ist retrieval.

I my opinion, there is something wrong either with the approach described in [1] or the implementation in [1] did not take real partial list operations into account.



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