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Benjamin Dauvissat

I'm using display tags library in a professional project and I'm a beginner with it.

I'm asked to display data from a database.

One of the fields contains an image URL (like "http://myserver/myfolder/mypic.jpg").

Automatically, display tags converts it to an "img" html tag. So, no need for me to do anything.

Except that the pictures aren't the same size.

With a css provided to me, the width is set to 100px for the column.

The problem is that the html code generated by display tags contains the width and height attributes for the img tag.

So, now, because of the css, my image is distorded original height but 100 px width.

I tried a decorator. It created the html tag I wanted : "<img src="http://xxx">

But, display tag kept on replacing the URL with its own img tag.

So, in the end, I had <img src="<img src="http://xxx" width="640" height="480"">

My question is : How can I remove the widht and height attributes from the generated HTML tag or How can I disable the automatic tag generation ?

Thanks for your help.


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