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From: "Connell, Robert (DCS)" <[hidden email]>
Date: 4 October 2011 1:01:42 PM ACDT
To: 'robert connell' <[hidden email]>
Subject: Problem with Hyphen in Page Number parameter

We use display:table widely in our apps and generally we are very happy with it.This is an example of the syntax that we are using

<display:table name="suspensionUpdateModel.officersAssignmentDeta ils" id="suspensionBean"
requestURI="${flowExecutionUrl}" excludedParams="*" requestURIcontext="false"

<display:column title="Correctional Service Number" property="correctionalSubject.correctionalServiceN umber" />
<display:column title="Name" property="correctionalSubject.correctionalSubject. primaryIdentity.nameString" />
<display:column title="Current Suspension" property="serviceAssignment.suspensionCurrent" />
<display:column title="Suspend (Y/N)" >
<form:checkbox path="suspendFlags" value="${suspensionBean.correctionalSubject.correc tionalServiceNumber}"/>

Unfortunately when you page to the second page it generates a Page Number URL parameter of d-83147-p ( I believe this is generated in the ParamEncoder class).
Once this parameter is in the URL and we try to get to another JSP in the app (using Spring Web Flow) it complains because the parameter has a hypen in it (It would work using an underscore).
Any idea how to generate a paremter without a hypen ?


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