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External paging/sorting with PaginatedList


I’m working with the PaginatedList  interface in displaytag 1.2.  The object that I am setting the display:table to use implements PaginatedList.  I’ve got the pagination working just fine.  My real question is that when I turn on the column sorting, the URL isn’t what I’m expecting. 


The documentation on the web page says that when using external sorting is used with the PaginatedList, the sort links should be like:




I assume that by “originalParameters”, that any other parameters originally used to go to the page would be included along with the “sort” and “dir” parameters.



For instance, to go a page I’m trying to use this with, I am paginating, and I am passing a value that tells the underlying code what field & value to originally search on, so my URL parameters look like this:




However, when I click on a column header, all I get are the “sort” and “dir” parameters, and NOT my original ones.


Also, the documentation states that using this same method, the pagination links have parameters like:




However, when I click on my pagination links, I don’t see the “sort” and “dir” parameters.


I assume I am doing something wrong in the jsp – I have  “sort=external” in the display:table element, and “sortable=true” in the display:column elements.  I am apparently missing some property setting somewhere.  What am I missing?


Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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