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Adding CSS classes per column

I've been using this library for some months now with everything working pretty well, but I recently discovered that the class attribute for the <display:column> tag is only evaluated once.  I was under the impression that it would be evaluated every time the <display:table> tag looped through.  I,e. if you have the following:

<c:set var="cssClass" value="goodNumber" />
  <c:when test="${number > 25}">
    <c:set var="cssClass" value="goodNumber" />
    <c:set var="cssClass" value="badNumber" />
  <display:column property=".." class="${cssClass}" />

The class for that column will be the  same  in every row; in other words,  the ${cssClass}  is only ever being evaluated once, not each time.

I find this is a major issue.  Looking at the latest source, I see that the RowDecorator class has added a method, addClass(), enabling the user to add a css class onto the <tr> element.  I think this needs to be added to ColumnDecorator as well; is anyone working on this?

Personally, I favor just having the <display:table> tag evaluate these properties through each iteration rather than forcing me to create a decorator, but that may have some speed problems.