A few questions related to nested tables

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A few questions related to nested tables

David Zhang-4
I looked at the example of nested tables and noticed that there is
one line in its source jsp:

    <%  String nestedName="test.item[" + (parent_rowNum.intValue() -1)+
"].subList"; %>

Could you please let me know which class puts parent_rowNum in the page
Where is it from? Is a property such as item a must to use nested tables?

I have a class/table which has several address related columns such as city,
state, zip, and country.
I would like to put them in ONE cell/column of a displayed table instead of
one column for
each property. I have to write an additional property which, simply for
display purpose, assembles
info from these columns and display it in ONE column.
Does Displaytag offer any more elegant solution for combining info from
multiple columns?

When I put info from multiple columns in one cell/column, I want to put them
in seperate lines in the
cell. I can do this in HTML export by adding <br> among info from different
columns. However
when I export it in Excel or PDF, <br> is shown. Can I hide it from Excel or
PDF export?

I need to display a nested table in a special way. Basically, the nested
tables only
has one column. The enclosing table also a heading for tables nested.
However, I dont want to
display any any heading for the nested tables. Since there is one column for
nested tables,
the enclosing table's heading is enough. How can I hide the only one column
for nested tables?

Thanks very much for your help!


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